Two Voices and a guitar - like we're at the kitchen table with you

Photo credit: Erin Sweeney

Photo credit: Erin Sweeney


Paul Miller has played music professionally for over 40 years - with Coco and the Lonesome Road Band, Bluebird, Andy Shapiro, Breakaway, and currently in the Bluegrass Gospel Project. A versatile musician, he plays guitar, bass, and drums, and sings.

Paul has produced CD’s from Jon Gailmor and Rebecca Pidgeon, and is featured as a guest artist on numerous recordings generated from the Vermont music scene.

Not to stop there, he also coordinates a Supported Employment program for Washington County Mental Health Services in central Vermont.

He lives in the wilds of South Woodbury, Vermont.


Willa Mamet was born in Randolph, VT, and weighed on the pastry scale at Rainbow Sweets on her way home to Woodbury.

Though she tried to major in music at school, it was just too far from the kitchen table.  Too many rules, not enough Home.  So mostly that’s how she sings.  She grew up making music with her family and community, one of whom - lucky her - was Paul Miller.

Willa makes her home in Oakland, CA, but comes Home to Vermont as often as she can.

"The ability to choose classic material, and to arrange it so that people can appreciate it, either “all over again” or for the first time, is an art, and, just like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Don’t Fence Me In” and dozens of other popular American songs familiar to almost everyone a few generations ago, this music deserves to be preserved, and celebrated, and performed.  Willa Mamet and Paul Miller have exactly what it takes to get the job done, and the pleasure is in the delivery - at their best, Willa Mamet and Paul Miller invite you into that Vermont kitchen when they first found musical magic so many years ago.  Come listen to some fine music masterfully played and sung."  -Robert Resnik, Vermont Public Radio


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