Two voices, two guitars - like we're at the kitchen table with you

PLEASE NOTE:  Love goes on forever.  And where TICKETS are mentioned seating is limited, so please buy yours in advance!     You save on service charges (who wants 'em?) and we know how many cookies to bake. Thanks!

One of my favorite duets in the world.
— Mary Tilson, America's Back 40 KPFA

"Wonderful. It's heartbreaking, musical, contemporary and ancient..." - Patti LuPone


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8/26 - Occasional Concerts Series, Plainfield, VT SOLD OUT

4/10: House Concert, WDC

MAY: California 2019

5/2: Timbre Folk, Berkeley, CA

5/5: Farmer’s Market, Kensington, CA

5/10: House Concert, Culver City, CA

5/11: House Concert, Ojai, CA


1/24: The Whammy Bar, Calais, VT

1/26: Truffle House Concert, Montpelier, VT SOLD OUT

2018 Aug + Sept: New EnGland

8/9: Whammy Bar, Maple Corners, VT 7:30

8/10: Private House Concert, Somerville, MA

8/11: The Den, Cabot, VT, 7

........w/The Backline Collective

8/12: WNCS Crossroads on The Point w/ Mark Michaelis 9AM  LISTEN

8/12: Private House Concert, Barre, VT

8/15: Middlesex Bandstand, Middlesex, VT 6:30

8/18: Park Theater, Glens Falls, NY 7:30

.............w/Dayna Kurtz

9/19: Breadbox Showcase, Willimantic, CT  7-9

.....all proceeds go to the The Covenant Soup Kitchen & Emergency Food Pantry

9/21: Rock City Coffee, Rockland, ME 7-9 

9/22: Highland Center for the Arts, Greensboro, VT, 7

9/23: MBar,  Mystic, CT 4-7:30

9/27: Stage 33 Live, Bellows Falls, 6

9/28: Port City Blue, Portland, ME, 8-9:30

9/29: Occasional Concerts Series, Plainfield, VT,  7

.............w/ Dayna Kurtz

2018 Spring - California


3/4 KVMR Radio w/John Rumsey (10am) listen live

4/15 KPIG Radio "Please Stand BY" W+ P Live (11am)

4/15 KPFA Radio "America's Back 40" w/ Mary Tilson (2pm)

4/16 KWMR Radio "Foggy Ridge Music" w/ Will Minor (7pm)

4/18 House Concert w/Vicki Randle +Julie Wolf  (North Oakland) 7:30pm

 ......Strega Sounds Show

4/21 House Concert w/Pamela Samuelson (LA - Universal City) 7-9pm

4/23 East Hollywood Farmers Market (LA) 3:30-7:30pm

4/24 Valley Center Library (San Diego) 6-7pm

4/25 Ocean Beach Farmer's Market (San Diego) 4-6pm

4/26 Downtown Anaheim Farmer's Market (Anaheim) 11-1

4/28 House Concert w/Pamela Samuelson (LA - Culver City) 7-9pm

4/29 Sculpterra Winery (Paso Robles) 1-4pm

4/30 Morro Bay Wine Cellar (Morro Bay) 6:30pm

5/2 KRML Radio "Pub Talk" w/ Jeff White  5pm.......krml.com

5/5 The Venue (Seaside) 6:30 TICKETS

5/6 Kensington Farmer's Market (Kensington) 10-2pm

5/6 Private House Concert (Redwood City)



2/15 The Whammy Bar (Calais, VT) 7:30

2/16 Sweet Melissa's (Montpelier, VT) 9:30

          ---> The grand titration....us, us and friends, then us w/ the Backline Collective



8/12 Live on WGDR Acoustic Harmony 5pm LISTEN

8/12  Positive Pie (Plainfield, VT)  8pm

8/19 Live on WMBR 9:30am LISTEN

8/19 Cabot General Store Opening (Cabot, VT) 6-7pm

8/23 Live on WOOL 7pm LISTEN

8/24  Live on The Getaway, WDEV 104.7 FM (2:30pm)  LISTEN

8/25  Willa sola at the Women's Herbal Conference (NH)

8/31  Paul solo at the Whammy Bar (Calais, VT ) 7pm

9/2  Highland Center for the Arts (Greensboro, VT) 7pm ......TICKETS

9/7  Farmer's Market (Gananoque, Ontario) 4-7pm

9/7  The Alibi (Kingston, Ontario) 9pm-Midnight

9/8  House Concert (Gananoque, Ontario) 7pm)......TICKETS

9/9  Next Stage Arts Project (Putney, VT) 7:30pm...... TICKETS

          ---> Opening for Cheryl Wheeler

9/10  Rock N' Roll Yard Sale (Somerville, MA)  1-4pm

9/14  Private Event (Montpelier, VT)

9/15  Benefit to End Homelessness (Montpelier, VT)

          ---> w/The Backline Collective

9/22  Whammy Bar (Calais, VT) 7:30pm

9/23  The Music Box (Craftsbury, VT) 7:30pm

9/24  Arsenal Center for the Arts (Watertown, MA)  7pm.....TICKETS


4/27: Oberon's (Ashland, OR) 8PM

4/30: KPIG w/Sleepy John (Santa Cruz, CA) 10:30AM

          FM 107.5 Freedom  FM 94.9 Cayucos/SLO

4/30: KPFA America's Back 40 w/Mary Tilson (Berkeley, CA) 2PM

          FM 94.1 Berkeley

5/3: KSCO Good Morning Monterey Bay w/ Rosemary Chalmers (8:35AM)

        AM 1080 Santa Cruz

5/4: Starline Social Club (Oakland, CA) 8PM...........w/ JULIE INDELICATO!

5/5: KZSC  88.1 w/ Mairo (Santa Cruz, CA) 8:30AM

5/7: Farmers Market (Kensington, CA) 10AM-2PM.....free!

5/9: The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood, CA) 8pm...TICKETS

5/11: Private House Concert (LA, CA) 

5/12: Private House Concert (Mar Vista, CA)

5/13: The Venue (Seaside, CA)  7:30.....TICKETS



10/6: WDEV The Getaway w/Arty Lavigne (2:30)

10/8: WGDR Acoustic Harmony w/Mark Michaelis (5)

10/8: Positive Pie, Plainfield, VT (8)

10/9: Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, VT (7)

10/11: WDEV The Getaway w/Arty Lavigne (2:30)

10/13: The Whammy Bar, Maple Corners, VT (7)

10/15: Wisdom's Heart, Gloucester, MA (7)

10/18: Stowe St. Cafe, Waterbury, VT (7:30)

10/20: The Black Box at Main St. Landing, Burlinton, VT (7) ....TICKETS

10/21: Port City Blue, Portland, ME (8:30)

10/22: Arsenal Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA (5-8) ...TICKETS

10/23: House Concert, Providence, RI (4-9) w/The 'Mericans and Chris Monti! ....info HERE

10/27: Fundraiser for the Doula Project, Waterbury, VT (5-8) ....TICKETS

10/28: House Concert, Shelburne Falls, MA (7:30)

10/29: House Concert, Brooklyn, NY (7pm) ....info HERE

2016 Spring - California

4/16: Saturday Morning Folk Show (LIVE radio w/Bill Wagman, KDVS) 9am

4/17: America's Back 40 (LIVE radio w/Mary Tilson, KPFA) 2:15pm

4/17: Farmers' Market (Kensington) 10am-2pm FREE!

4/19: Casa de Green Door House Concert (Bolinas) 7-9pm tickets

4/20: Lange Reading Room, UCSF (San Francisco) Noon-1pm FREE!

4/21: Del Rey House Concert (Marina Del Rey) 7-9pm tickets

4/24: Silverlake House Concert (Silverlake) 5-8pm tickets

4/28: dhyana Center (Sebastopol) 7-9 tickets

4/29: Starline Social Club (Oakland) 8-10 .........w/Julie Indelicato

4/30: Hyde Out House Concert (San Francisco) 7-9

PLEASE NOTE:  where tickets are mentioned, seating is limited (though love goes

on forever) so please buy your tickets in advance!  Thanks!



2015 Winter - northeast

12/29: House Concert, Plainfield, VT ..... contact Mary Trerice for tickets

12/31: First Night, First Congregational Church, Burlington, VT ....buy your buttons HERE


2015 Fall - Northeast

8/17: WDEV "The Getaway" w/ Arty Lavigne 2:30pm

8/18: Stowe St. Cafe, Waterbury, VT

8/21: Wisdom's Heart, Gloucester, MA

8/22: Private House Concert, Newtonville, MA

8/23: Felicia's Atomic Cafe, Ithaca, NY

8/26: Private House Concert, Calais, VT

8/29: WGDR w/ Mark Michaelis

8/29: Flying Stage CD RELEASE CONCERT, Barre, VT

          (w/ special guest Ron Sweet)

9/3: Whammy Bar, Calais, VT

9/5: Positive Pie, Plainfield, VT

9/6: Private House Concert, Calais VT

9/11: Port City Blue, Portland, ME

9/12: DeVa House Concert, Brookline, MA...(tickets)

9/13: Private House Concert, Newton, MA


2015 Spring - California

APRIL 16 - MONKEY HOUSE (Berkeley)

APRIL 18 - KDVS RADIO Show w/ Bill Wagman (Davis)

April 21 - HOTEL UTAH w/ Vicki Randle (San Francisco)

April 23 - RADIANT HEALTH gig (Sebastopol) tix: 415-652-7511

April 25 - SOPHOS CAFE (Mar vista)

April 26 - MARKET (San Diego)


2014 Fall - Northeast

8/8: Occasional Concert Series, Plainfield, VT

8/14: Brown's Market Bistro, Groton, VT

8/17: Buch Spieler, Montpelier, VT

8/20: On The Rise, Richmond, VT

9/27: Positive Pie, Plainfield, VT

10/2: The Whammy Bar, Maple Corners, VT

10/14: Radio Bean, Burlington, VT

10/24: Wisdom's Heart, Gloucester, MA

10/25: DeVa House Concert, Newton, MA

10/26: 186 Carpenter, Providence, RI

11/1: Whallonsburg Grage Hall, Whallonsburg, NY

11/2: ImprovBoston, Boston, MA


2014 Spring - California

5/5: Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA

5/6: Rancho San Diego Library, San Diego, CA

5/8: The Coffee Gallery, Alta Dena, CA

5/10: Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA


2013 fall - Northeast

10/25: Sweet Melissa's, Montpelier, VT (w/Mark LeGrand)

10/25: Positive Pie, Plainfield, VT

10/26: WDEV Morning Show w/Jack Donovan

10/27: The Point w/Greg Hooker

10/29: Claire's, Hardwick, VT

10/31: Brown's Market Bistro, Groton, VT

11/2: Bethany Center for the Arts, Montpelier, VT  BRAMBLE: Fundraiser for the  Summit School of Traditional Music
11/3: The Bee's Knees, Morrisville, VT



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